In November of 1990 two regular guys with big ideas came together and The Board Room, Inc. was officially born. Dave Rogala and Ed Pekol were a match made in engineering design heaven. Dave, the idea guy, always seeing things from outside the box and Ed the guy with the technical know how to make those ideas a reality.

Our Story...


By 1993 Dave and Ed and some very dedicated people that came along with them on their journey soon grew their business from what began as a seed in Dave’s basement to full bloom in a brand new two story building that was designed to reflect their creativity, with its trim and windows laid out to resemble circuits and chips on a printed circuit board.

Welcome to The Board Room Inc.!




Flash forward to 30 years later...

The Board Room, Inc. has prospered and grown and is still full of fresh and innovative ideas.

So much so that the company name no longer seemed to represent all that we have to offer.

In 2017 The Board Room, Inc. officially changed it's name to TBR Electronics.

The excitement of the new name has everyone at TBR revved up and ready to go! We can’t wait to bring you some of our new ideas for products and solutions and show you the products we’ve been developing.

Just like Dave and Ed, our talented staff of engineers looks forward to helping you make your big ideas a reality.

Is now...


1220 West Lakeview Court Romeoville IL 60446


(630) 378-3500

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